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7 Piece Rainbow Chakra Heart Set - 107

7 Piece Rainbow Chakra Heart Set - 107

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Tune-up the entire chakra system with this 7 piece heart-shaped chakra stone set. 

Wonderful for bringing balance and harmony to the energetic systems of the body while also giving the brain a hefty dose of color therapy.  Enjoy this set during your chakra balancing meditation or work with each color individually to bring deeper attention to each individual chakra.

Set Includes:

Rose Calcite

Honey Calcite

Lemon Calcite

Green Pistachio Calcite

Caribbean Blue Calcite 

Lapis Lazuli

Pink Mangano 

Each stone weighs approximately 100 grams and is intuitively chosen just for you!

The crystal images shown are for illustration purposes only and may not be an exact representation of the crystals you receive. 

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