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Bringing crystals into my home from Starseed Collective has been an amazing experience! Vanessa did an excellent job curating the perfect crystal grid for my home. When I decided to do a crystal grid I didn’t really believed in the power of crystals, I just thought they are pretty and I love decorating with nature elements. I really wasn’t expecting much to change in my life. I was just enamored by their beauty and thought if it changes things for the better that’s just an added bonus! After only receiving half of my crystal grid my life got a serious upgrade! Things Vanessa had told me in my akashic readings started to come to fruition and things just started falling into place. It was really quite strange. For instance, Vanessa picked pink tourmaline and said it would help me release stored trauma and I thought to myself, I don’t have any stored trauma, but ok, sure! Little did I know I had a lot of things to still work out. I could go on and on about how each crystal has helped, but I’ll just give one more example. She said when she did my grid she saw tons of amethyst and said that when I get messages they come straight from source. My intuition and ability to communicate and receive downloads from source has been increased to the max! Not only are these crystal babies gorgeous, but they really have offered me immense support as I learn more about my spirituality. I highly recommend bringing some crystals into your world and have Vanessa do a crystal grid for you! These crystals are more powerful than you may think!


From the moment I ordered my first piece of Citrine, things began to shift, and it was like the floodgates of abundance opened up. Seeing my beautiful crystals intentionally placed all over my home consistently keeps me in a higher-frequency mindset—and since each has its own story and purpose, they are incredibly helpful during specific meditations too. Not only did I become more conscious about seeking out higher-vibrational opportunities, but they just began to flow to me effortlessly. Here are the things that have changed in the last six months since I began tackling my crystal grid: I got a new job that offered life-changing stability and professional growth (this happened within days). I manifested the PRECISE car and house I wanted and needed for my growing family. I opted to invest in some select stocks and crypto and have grown my original investment by 700%. And beyond that, I stopped tangling with habits and situations that no longer serve my highest good. This is truly one of the best investments I’ve made to tune up my space and my mind.


Crystal love ... it’s real, they speak, they project power and magic straight to your soul ! Since I was a child, I have always been a collector of rocks, shells, glass or anything colorful. Not really knowing of their powers they had. Coming straight from our earth, these truly are gifts. I’ve purchased crystals for a long time, but walking into a store was so overwhelming to me. Too much going on all around them it was really hard to connect and let them choose me. So I really didn’t get the full connecting experience until I started adopting these gorgeous “big girl” crystals from Starseed Collective during the LIVE sales. The energy is there, in your face calling out as they are being presented. It’s very powerful, peaceful and magical. You will know exactly which one (or ones) that need to be yours ! When I’ve received my crystals, besides feeling like a kid on Christmas Day... The love that spills out quite incredible. Unwrapping each one, getting to know them is quite a gift! I love this part! To know the crystals have been hand selected, loved on, filled up with beautiful music is a bonus ... I have some amazing crystals that heal my soul, fill me with love, protect me and take me to places I know I’ve been before. I’ve learned so much since starting this adventure. The best soul investment ever!