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Pink Lemurian Point - 88

Pink Lemurian Point - 88

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This powerful stone facilitates abundance, manifestation, and energetic expansion. If you want to increase your earning potential or the stream through which resources flow to you, working with citrine is ideal—great combined with Lapis Lazuli or amethyst if your work included spirit-based offerings. Also great for creativity, joy, and exuberant expression. Citrine is one of our favorite crystals here at Starseed Collective.

One of the most powerful stones, Lemurians, is thought to be encoded with wisdom from the ancient culture of the Lemurians. They inhabited the planet at the same time as Atlantis. The Lemurians are said to have been a very advanced, peaceful, and loving culture. Extremely sensitive, caring, creative, and highly evolved, they encoded these crystals with the frequency of their people to help us activate and awaken to new levels of consciousness. So if you are attracted to Lemurian crystal or have been called to work with it, it can be sure you are in consciousness shift and ready to uplevel into new dimensions of thinking and feeling. Here is an excellent article about what some people believe happened to the Lemurians. https://activenorcal.com/whats-a-lemurian-and-why-do-people-believe-they-live-in-mount-shasta/

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