Are you ready to embody the highest version of yourself, and feel abundant, aligned, and limitless?

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The Starstream

A monthly membership designed to help you deeply connect with yourself, embody your divine energy and transform your life with deep spiritual connection, consciousness and sisterhood!

This is a carefully curated community tailored to enrich, uplift and help attune you with your dharmic path. Our carefully created content will help you cultivate a more profound sense of spiritual connection, alignment and purpose!

Heighten your states of energy and perception with focused Kundalini teachings, supported by the unique frequency and resonance of specific crystal energy. Tap into the benefits of intuitive astrological events with practical insights for your life, with projected monthly forecasts and insights to support our teachings and practices

A synthesis of love, joy and wisdom will guide you to a deeper understanding of yourself, and your potential to feel more spacious, more fluid and more whole. Within the Starseed Collective, you will tap into the collective power and teachings of amazing, soul-aligned women like you, so that we may all rise together!

As a collective, we are being called into a journey of self-discovery… In essence, the path to becoming the most mindful, evolved, fullest version of ourselves. We provide experiences which integrate Spirit, mind and body, bringing balance to all aspects of our lives that make us whole, happy, and fulfilled.

HI! I’m Vanessa.

I believe we have been called upon by something divine to grow, expand, and fulfill our Dharmic path. 

I love to help women push past personal boundaries, leap into adventure, express their true selves, and enjoy life to the fullest.

I have created this membership program for heart-centered women like you, to help you access your own divine wisdom and higher calling. This Collective has been lovingly crafted from my 20+ years of experience, and supplemented with the wisdom and knowledge of carefully vetted experts

We warmly invite you to join our thriving community, to learn and grow together.

What you get as a member of the Starstream:

  • Embrace the power of Kundalini energy and awakening.
  • Understand and harness the life-giving elements of the earth & universewith supportive crystal healing.
  • Live in greater awareness and intention with the support of astrologicalguidance
  • Unlimited access to all materials in our private platform
  • Weekly newsletters to keep you current with all the happenings in the group
  • Access to:
    • Multiple live monthly ceremonies
    • A carefully created guided meditation library
    • Curated playlists for ceremony and yoga practices
    • Recorded workshops and teachings
    • Bonus presentations and trainings
    • Special events
  • Guest speakers and teachers
  • Discounted access to paid events

… and so much more. 

 Our Customers Say

The Akashic Training is more powerful than I imagined and completely worth the investment on all levels - Meg M


If you are interested in raising your vibration, becoming more aware of your spiritual gifts, and are ready to dive deeply into all things possible, do not hesitate to join immediately. You will have one of the best, most beautiful, knowledgeable, and amazing teachers on the planet guiding you on your journey inwards!

Anne F


I truly do not have words for what this experience meant to me and will help create in my life. I am so thankful for this powerful medicine in my coaching packages. I desire to help people at a soul level and to hold a deeper transmission in the space I hold for my clients. The Akashic Certification will help me with all of this, and I am so very grateful! Also, I was surprised just how fun it was and how much Kundalini has become a necessary part of my life!



The most powerful discovery I made was that I do feel TRUTH! My intuition is strong! I know we are all connected to Source and each other. This has changed the way I show up in life. The power of this work has reminded me of who I am. It has given me a renewed sense of myself. I can feel and trust my feelings. I haven’t felt this kind of certainty, ever. I want to share this tool/ gift with everyone. Do the training! It’s an incredible experience that opens your heart and mind. 


Discover new ways to find joy, freedom, connection and meaning.

Join us and come home to your mind, body and soul.