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Guided Transformational Breathwork - Starseed Collective

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  • A simple way to experience emotional release and relief

  • Gain feelings of clarity, awareness and inner knowing

  • Break through old patterns, habits and cycles.

  • Increase energy and emotional freedom

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Breathwork, It’s simple, but don’t be fooled, it’s powerful. It not only gives you the gift of stress relief, it also facilitates connection to yourself, which allows authentic connection to others. It brings oxygen into all of your being. It’s LIFE. Peel back the layers of time by using the gift of breath. Be prepared to remember who you are. 

Anyone that can breathe and is ready for a breakthrough. :)

If you ever thought that you CAN’T meditate, then Breathwork is for you!

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What is Breathwork?

Breathwork is basically the fastest way to get out of your head and into your heart. It connects you to both your body and your intuition. For many, it facilitates an emotional purge, leaving you feeling lighter and with more clarity.  You are relearning how to live in your body and heart, establishing new pathways in the brain and cultivating emotional and relational intelligence.

Breathwork is a healing modality that uses simple controlled breath patterns to take you into a deep state of consciousness that provides a fast-track to emotional healing. It works by oxygenating the body,( the equivalent of a brisk jog), increasing blood flow and bypassing the conscious mind.  Its a quick way to move stuck energy in the body and tap into deeply intuitive state. Breathwork is a holistic practice that helps us access parts of the body, mind and intuition that need healing. Very quickly it works to offer release, relief and catharsis in a short period of time,

In a society that gives limited spaces for emotional catharsis, Breathwork makes it available to access all that is locked inside.  It shows us what we need to see in a safe and supportive container in which we remain the director of our experience.

Will I Hyperventilate or Pass out?

No. The breathing is rapid, but it is done in a controlled way. This is a great reason to work with a facilitator that you feel safe with and who will guide you through any resistance. This is your breath! It is up to you how deep or shallow you want to take your breath and how intense or subtle you would like your experience to be.  The breath is only a tool, not the work itself.  Think of it as a distraction for your “monkey brain” so that your heart is free to open up.

The entire process will be mapped out and explained during the beginning of the session.  Any questions are always welcome before or after the session.

What is your cancellation policy?

Payment collected at time of booking.

No refunds

Cancellation before 12 hours of session is eligible for rescheduling

Cancellation  0-12 hours  before, session is forfeited.

Shannon's Mission

My passion in life is to learn and share tools that inspire you to create a life that you Love, to speak your TRUTH and to PLAY, big time. Being a conduit for you to gain clarity and a “knowing” that you are loved & supported is a complete honor for me. I look forward to exploring with you!