Shannon Bryson

Shannon'S STORY

Shannon is a Creative Living Coach for Starseed Collective. As an intuitive guide, she creates a powerful environment for you to learn and practice meaningful spiritual growth and embodied change. With her mentorship, you will explore and transform your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs and reconnect to yourself in a “whole-listic” way: body, heart, mind, & soul. You will be equipped with tools that can support you in igniting deep healing, align with your truest self, and awaken to your highest potential. 

“My passion is creating and sharing powerful, accessible tools to support you in finding your own truth and I want you to have fun doing it!! Think of me as a fore-woman at your jobsite. My work is to keep the space safe, provide you with a kick-ass toolbox, and guide you through the building process. I believe in you and trust you to do YOUR work - seeing yourself in the most honest light, discovering your own answers, trusting in your intuitive ‘knowing’ and acting in alignment with it. With this combination, you can create magic for yourself, your tribe, the community, and the world! How powerful is that?!”

Through her own company, The Wild Soul Tribe, Shannon has planned and hosted many transformative travel and adventure retreats. She incorporates her strong belief in the concepts of self-exploration, wild honesty, somatic knowing and playful creation, in her own life, as well as in all of her offerings.Shannon is an expert at creating magical, growth-oriented experiences and she brings her skills and passion for bespoke getaways to Bee the Wellness. With her special brand of alegría de la vida (joy of life), Shannon’s support is valuable in developing our incredible events. 

Shannon is a southern California native with a playful, curious, and adventurous spirit. When she’s not spending quality time with her two amazing children and her lively and playful (definitely some of her first teachers in joyous living!) Puerto Rican-American family, you’ll find her hiking and practicing yoga with friends and clients, or enjoying life further afield as an avid world traveller. Shannon is deeply touched and inspired by the diverse people, the natural beauty, the heartfelt experiences, and the sense of global connectivity that her journeys bring to her life. She is always plotting her next adventure and would love for you to join her! 

Shannon’s passion and commitment to her practice of helping others continues to grow and evolve:

*Creator of The Wild Soul Tribe: Transformative Experiences

*Certified Health Coach ~ Health Coach Institute

*600-CYT ~ Hatha/Vinyasa/Kundalini

*Certified Breathwork Facilitator

*Certified Akashic Intuitive Healer

*Certified Groove Movement Facilitator

*Certified Reiki Practitioner Level 1 & 2

*Specialized focus coaching certifications in the areas of Happiness, Forgiveness & Clarity of Purpose

Shannon’s Core values:





And above all...Love.


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